Taste International_Logo_FinalTaste International is a program of CAC & Healthy Creations. This culinary arts program has 3 main pillars: nutrition, urban farming & gardening, and international cuisine.

Through this program we will address the historical context of food and culture to encourage an international understanding through that exchange. This program teaches youth the fundamentals of healthy eating through the education of sustainable farming and gardening practices. Taste International was designed to help build stronger familiar relationships, emphasizing the traditions and celebratory customs associated with food. It is important that we educate our youth so that they can be able to question and make their own assessments concerning food systems.

The art of food is an experience uniquely found in SE Seattle, with a variety of international influences. CAC aims to create positive relationships between the multiple cultures that reside in the SE district, building alliances between the international communities in SE Seattle that focus on collective achievement and shared experiences.

shapeimage_2Our youth need programs that are relevant and applicable. Taste International not only gives youth a hands-on experience, but also provides an opportunity for discourse. This program allows SE youth a rare chance to engage with their peers through the diverse aromas, flavors, and beauty of food.

Nutrition – Our youth are victim to the bad effects of cheaper food. The reality is that healthy food doesn’t need to be expensive. Educating our next generation on ways to eat healthier and why we should eat healthier is crucial to a vibrant community.shapeimage_3

Urban Farming & Gardening – Teaching farming and gardening techniques guides our youth on multiple levels, fundamentally, the process of work and reward. Being able to discern the significant difference in taste highlights the importance of fresh produce, and helps establish a general understanding of our relationship with the earth.

International Cuisine – By addressing the differences and similarities of cultures from around the world through food, youth will be able to generate an international awareness through the most essential and natural of ways…our senses.