Ben Hunter_headshotBen Hunter
Founder & Director

Benjamin is a musician, educator, and community activist.  With a passion for the folk culture, he has positioned his efforts around initiatives that drive that folk infrastructure.  After studying music at Whitman College, he has spent the last 8 years teaching privately, as well as through various non-profits and schools.  Ben currently teaches after-school music classes at Washington Middle School, and for local non-profit, Seattle Music Partners.  A professional violinist/fiddler, Ben plays locally and nationally in genres of folk, blues, jazz, classical, and various world styles.  In 2011, he founded Community Arts Create, a Seattle based non-profit that uses the arts as a vehicle for community development and engagement.

Chef Ariella with Tin Umbrella Espresso and Blueberry DonutsChef Ariel Bangs
Culinary Director,
Taste International

The chef for Healthy Creations, which provides healthy, stress-free menu creation and meal preparation for busy professionals. A graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle, Bangs is a locally renowned chef who is a mainstay in schools and community organizations bringing fun to fruits and vegetables while educating kids and adults alike. Because of her blend of culinary skill and community involvement, she has come on board to Community Arts Create to advise and use her talents to help educate and revitalize SE Seattle.

rachelRachel Tefft
ROAR Director,
Taste International

Rachel is a registered dietitian with a passion for working with nutrition as a vehicle to empower and connect individuals to their food, body, environment and community. Through nutrition education and skill building, she works to encourage others to take an active role in their health by addressing various barriers present. Rachel believes in considering the holistic impact that our food choices have. She is also very drawn to exploring the healing traditions of different cultures centered around practices that nourish the body through not just what foods are consumed but also the way inwhich they are cultivated, prepared and shared.

Joe Seamons_headshotJoe Seamons
Rhapsody Instructor

Joe Seamons grew up in the woods of northwest Oregon outside the town of Rainier. From a young age, he absorbed northwest folk music at cider pressing parties, square dances and the other shindigs of family friends. After studying music and literature at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Joe began teaching and performing all over the Pacific Northwest. He currently plays folk and bluegrass music with Renegade Stringband and The Timberbound Project. Like his work with Rhapsody, his community classes at Artichoke Music open eyes and ears to American traditions while bringing together young students with local masters of musical tradition. Joe continues to explore new ways that one can be a folklorist and performer in the 21st century.